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No more "Bored in the house" this Summer break

Updated: Jul 4, 2020

Finally the long awaited SUMMER BREAK is here! You probably would have planned many meet-ups with your friends, going to JB for a shopping spree and cafe-hopping if this was any other year. But this may be a slightly different summer break than previous given the extension of the circuit breaker.

I know it has been pretty tough in the past month, and the extension of the circuit breaker may be an additional blow to some. But it is important for us to #stayhome for those who we love and practise social distancing in the meantime. So here are just some ideas for you on what to do at home this summer!

1. Hold a “House Party”

I am pretty sure everyone is Bored in the house, in the house bored. You miss hanging out with your friends especially since summer break is when you get to catch-up with them. Don’t fret, you can still catch-up with your friends!

You can meet them virtually at House Party (please do not take it literally), a video-chatting app where you can chat and even play games together. In fact, the list of platforms goes on like Zoom, Whatsapp, Telegram and many more others for you to hold your “meet-ups”. No FOMO, technology has your back.

Be creative! Think of ways to make the meet-up an interesting one. Hold a mukbang session with your friends and tempt them with your homemade cuisines.

2. Plan bonding sessions with your family

This may have been a special period of time for many of you as you get to really be 24/7 with your family. You could have been all busy in school: hanging out with friends, planning your CCA events and rushing to complete your assignments. Your parents may also be busy at work and come home late sometimes. It is common for us to neglect the importance of spending time with our family.

It’s time to organise some fun bonding sessions at home! Plan a movie night: choose a family blockbuster or maybe an all time favourite horror movie, and you may discover who's the scaredy cat in the family. Plan a game session, or maybe a question and answer activity to know more about how your parents and siblings think about certain issues.

3. Be your own Master Chef

With stricter regulations, more shops are asked to close during the extension of the circuit breaker. I know, it hurts to be away from one of the greatest pleasures, bubble tea!!! Is it a sign to finally fulfil the promise of really quitting BBT?... (aka. My random sixth sense) Maybe not.

Why not Google and find recipes to make your own BBT? In fact, you can go on and explore other recipes like cookie, crepe cake, souffle cake… I need to stop here, before my cravings start to haunt me.

I am pretty sure there is a favourite cuisine that you just can’t resist. Don’t worry, your cravings will be driving you crazy to start your culinary journey. You will be impressed.

4. Pick up a new hobby/skill

What’s in your goal for 2020?

I am pretty sure many of you would have included a new skill you wanted to attain by the end of the year. Or at least you will find the goal: “Be a better me”. Many of us have the habit of setting goals to accomplish, but we always fall into the hands of our old friend named “procrastination”.

Since we are now all stuck at home, we now have plenty of time to pick up the new skill. You can learn a new language easily online, maybe a new culture you always wanted to know more about, or take an online dance class if you have been shy to take one previously. In fact, many academies have online classes all along. Go on, it’s time to stop bringing up procrastination as an excuse.

5. Hit the gym in your room

Have you been lying on your bed or sitting in front or your laptop for hours? Or maybe binge watching shows till morning and waking up at late noon?

If this has been you for the past month, maybe it’s time to break out of the sedentary lifestyle and embrace healthier living especially in this period.

You don’t need professional gym equipment and large spaces to exercise at home. Many fitness Youtubers have uploaded more videos for viewers to workout at home in face of the current situation. Go on and search for fitness Youtubers with workout plans and videos that you prefer and find reasonable to follow along.

When was the last time you read a book just for leisure?

It’s probably quite some time for most of us since we are now all occupied by our devices. You may choose to be on Instagram, or maybe consecutively trap in the ‘watch next’ section of Youtube. It is pretty unlikely reading a book is your choice of leisure activity.

Why not check out your book shelves at home and pick up a book you enjoyed years ago to have a read again. You may end up having different perspectives of the book than before.

You can even go pick up a genre of book you never tried reading, maybe you can attain a new reason to pick up a book again.

It is important for us to be more aware about our emotions and mental well-ness during this period. I know that it can be hard sometimes to feel stuffy and trapped, especially if you have always been out and about before the circuit breaker. It may be good to take mental breaks once in a while by engaging in more active or soothing activities like yoga, or just grooving to your playlists. Stay calm and stay home!


There’s actually many other things you can do at home. These are just some suggestions to kick start your planning. The thought of staying at home every day may seem a suffocating one for many, but maybe with a change in perspective it is a time for us to spend more ‘me’ time to recharge ourselves. This could be a time for us to slow down our usual pace in life and take more time to reconnect with family, friends and ourselves. Hang in there, we are in this together! Stay home and relax.

That’s all folks! Hope these tips can help cure your #StayHome boredom:)

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