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Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Who else here was looking forward to venturing into the unknown on 1 June only to be slapped with the reality of Phase One? Or are there any of you who have gotten so used to staying at home that you no longer know what it’s like to be out anymore?

Either way, I’m sure we’ve all been finding different ways to connect with our friends. Be it Zoom sessions or House Party sessions, we have been making use of technology to help us connect virtually when we can’t do so physically.

But, sometimes the conversations dwindle and we’re left staring at each other on the screen… wondering who should be the one to end the call when it’s only 30 minutes in…

Not to fear! Here are some games that transcend distance barriers to break them social barriers! (No, I’m not gonna talk about

Family Style (Application)

If you’ve screamed at your friends when they were playing Overcooked with you, get ready to scream at your friends through the airwaves when you play Family Style.

Family Style is very similar to Overcooked in that it’s a cooking game that requires immense teamwork with your friends. You have a recipe you need to follow at the top of your screen, but not all the ingredients required. Every once in a while, new ingredients will appear on your screen but they may not always be the ingredients you need.

So what do you have to do?

By swiping left or right, you can pass your ingredients to your friends (which friend is on your left or right is arranged before the game begins, so you just have to remember it!). Work together to get the ingredients you need or deliver the ingredients needed to complete levels!

Be prepared for a lot of “I NEED CORN! I NEED CORN! I NEED CORN!” “I HAVE CORN! I HAVE CORN! WHO SAID THAT?” “ME! LEE XIAN! HURRY UP!” on your video calls [;

Escape Fan (Online Game)

Anyone here a big fan of escape rooms? As much as we’d love to wrack our brains on number locks, alphabet locks, and directional locks in a physical escape room, our next best bet is an online one. Even better, this is free! Just make sure to have Adobe Flash Player running.

In a video call, sacrifice get someone to share their screen. Everyone can access the room through them. If using Zoom, the others can use the annotate function to circle out objects to click since “that black dot at the side of your screen” is not descriptive enough for the one navigating.

There are also many games to choose from so have a blast! (I took about 20-30 minutes with my friends when I tried it!)

Drawphone (Online Game)

Ever heard of the broken telephone game? Get ready for it in picture form! A pretty simple game that really just requires internet connection and… hopefully… drawing skills…

The game has two parts - drawing and guessing. You either have to draw a given word (could be given by the system at the start of the game, or it could be your friend’s guess to a previous drawing) or you have to guess a word from someone else’s drawing.

At the end of the game, you can watch how the drawings and guesses evolved as it passed along your friends. Sometimes, a magazine can become a toaster, or lemon can become vomit… All because of a bad guess or bad artist.

I have a confession to make: I was the bad artist that turned a lemon into vomit (‘:

Netgames (Online Game Compilation Site)

If you’ve already cycled through all the games above and are looking for something new, try checking out netgames! There are a variety of games you can get there with different genres and recommended number of players to best fit the party.

Now that you know about these games, I hope that your future video calls with friends will be filled with lots of laughter, fun, and hopefully not screaming! :P

Stay safe and healthy everybody!

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