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Introducing: CNMTypes! (Part II)

A semester has come and gone. New friends were made, new classes were had, and a new normal was found. Even though COVID-19 has impacted all our lives greatly, we've learnt from the past few months that the show must, and will, keep going on. That's why we want to introduce to everyone, the newest set of writers from CNM Types!

Our cozy little team has since expanded and we're thankful for all the support we've received thus far. Read on to learn more about our new members!

P.S. Sorry for the random Zoom screenshot. We don't have a proper group photo so I hope this will suffice. Someone may or may not have forgotten to get everyone to smile into the camera for a proper photo. On the plus side, at least it's authentic! :'D


Hi I’m Amber! Year 2 Communications and New Media student here. Known by my friends to be a blur sotong and quite a daydreamer. So if you see me just staring off into space for seemingly no reason, it’s just me being me :P I love to read and write, so joining CNM Types seemed like a no-brainer since I would get to do both. Particularly, I like writing opinion pieces, articles related to self-improvement and mental wellbeing, as well as short stories! In my free time, I enjoy watching movies, shopping, and hanging out with friends :D


Hi everyone! I'm Clairene, that's C L A I R E N E - sadly, no one remembers how to spell my name so please, I'm counting on you :(( Jokes aside, I'm a FASS Year 1, intending to major in CNM! I've always dreamed of writing articles for a website that is collaborative, and I found that participating in CNM Types would be a microcosm of what writing for an actual company would be like. In times where I am not struggling to catch up with school and successfully failing, I am a barista at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, a debater, but an incredible procrastinator (I- I just enjoy watching Netflix all right). Anyway, I've hope you have enjoyed our introductions so far, and I am able to contribute articles that hopefully make your life just a tad bit more interesting.


Hi everyone! I'm Christina, a third-year FASS undergrad and I joined CNM Types because I love writing! When I was younger, I would even write short stories and plays during my free time but now that I am a uni student, all my writing has been concentrated on assignments and essays :-( Here at CNM Types, different kinds of writing styles are explored so I get to enjoy the best of both worlds.

I also love watching shows and dramas such as the newly released Netflix hot favourite, Enola Holmes (#amazingcast), as well as some documentaries too! Perhaps a movie review or two may come up along the way? ;-)

We hope you enjoy all the articles here on CNM Types! HMU if you ever need someone to talk to or share your thoughts with, we are a friendly community :-)


Hello! My name is Gloria, a year 2 CNM major :~) I am a huge homebody and i spend most of my free time watching shows on Netflix (currently binging on Lucifer) or driving around.. in kartrider. Recently, i also really enjoy listening to music while colouring at night! I joined CNM types because reading and writing has always been therapeutic for me. I love how writing allows me to be truthful with myself and it gives me something to keep for a loooong time. I am really excited to be writing articles and i hope you look forward to reading them! ^_^


Hi everyone! I'm Xiao Hui, a year 2 CNM major. I enjoy binging shows on Netflix and attempting to play my guitar! I'm usually a homebody but I love going out to spend quality time with my friends and family :) Recently, I've been trying out listening to podcasts and learning online dance choreographies! I joined CNM types because I like to read and write as I find that they are really good ways to help me de-stress. (from all the assignments I have to complete :<) I'm really excited to start writing articles for you guys and I hope you'll find them useful! Do let us know if you have any suggestions or feedback for us! Stay tuned :)


Hello everyone! I'm Shreya, a third-year CNM Major at NUS! I love creative writing and mainstream journalism which is why I decided to join CNM Types! My favourite form of creative writing is definitely writing poetry. I enjoy writing poetry in both English and Urdu. My least favourite part about writing is probably academic writing (haha). I am really looking forward to exploring different writing styles as a part of CNM Types.

Apart from writing, I also enjoy traveling and have made it a point to travel to at least one new country a year (so this is probably the only year when I haven't travelled ☹️ ). I also love reading Bollywood celebrity gossip and consider myself a live Wikipedia for the same (lol). In my free time, you can generally see me glued to Netflix of Prime Video watching literally any new TV Show, most recently I have started watching a lot of Netflix original movies!

Hope you enjoy the articles here are CNM Types and find them useful in University! Would love to hear comments, feedbacks and suggestions for improvements 🙂


Hello! I’m Vivian, a third-year CNM undergrad. I enjoy fantasy/historical fiction, embroidering and rainy days :) I joined CNM Types because I believe in the value of eternising experiences and sharing stories with the CNM community through writing (I wished I had these pro tips earlier in my studies so I wouldn't be so lost majority of the time T^T). Feel free to scroll through and I hope you’ll enjoy our works as much as we enjoyed creating them! Feedbacks, comments and suggestions are warmly welcomed, let's learn and improve together~ :)


Hello! I'm Jia Yu, a year 1 (trying to) double major in CNM and Econs. I love writing fiction, am okay with writing academic papers, and am quite new to writing in newsletters like CNM Types. In my free time, you can probably find me looking at (and creating) dank memes, or reading TV Tropes (especially about Star Wars or Jojo's Bizarre Adventure). Stay tuned for more content from me :)


Welcome to our now extended team! We hope for everyone's support in the upcoming articles. Stay tuned for the upcoming one on Friday! :)

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