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How to Spend your SingapoRediscovers Vouchers

Most of us have gotten our share of the SingapoRediscovers Vouchers but what can you do with them? With $100 to spend, so many attractions to visit and activities to do, your options may seem unlimited. And with such limited time before the vouchers expire, it may all seem overwhelming. But no fear – this guide will list down some of the more lesser known and unconventional things to spend your vouchers on. Hopefully this will provide you with some inspiration and help you narrow down your choices!

About the Vouchers

The vouchers can be redeemed via SingPass, and each redemption is valued at $10 per voucher. From now until 30th June, you can use the vouchers on the five following booking partners: Changi Recommends, GlobalTix, Klook, Traveloka and For more information on the terms and conditions, visit the SingapoRediscovers Vouchers page! (

Without further ado, here are some things you can spend your vouchers on.

Work From Hotel

I’m sure most of us considered staycations as a way to spend the vouchers, but due to a variety of considerations (cost, safety, time…), many of us forgo it. However, working from hotel is still an option!

With many classes and work alike shifting to full work from home or partial work from home, we end up finding ourselves needing to work away from the office. However, home is full of distractions – from failing internet connections, to noisy family members, to the temptation of just slacking away on bed. This will still be a prevalent problem, given how some classes will still be conducted online instead of face-to-face.

Hence, this is where Work from Hotel comes in! Hotels like Orchard Hotel and Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel, to name a few, offer their rooms to consumers to work from. Using your vouchers, you can choose to either get a private room, or work in communal space. With air-conditioning, good Wi-Fi, and away from distractions, it will surely be productive session!

Snow City

COVID-19 ruined your winter wonderland vacation plans? No problem! Enjoy loads of winter fun still in our tropical Singapore at Snow City – play with fake snow, make snowballs and snowmen, see ice sculptures, visit an igloo, and more! Who says you can’t experience snow even in Singapore?

What’s more, Snow City has introduced a new winter shooting arena, where you can have a fun target shooting experience under chilly winter conditions. Guided by professionals, you will be coached on how to shoot the paintball markers. Better yet, it’s a group activity, so bring your family and friends, arm yourselves with your vouchers, and have a day of Winterland fun!

Ocean Restaurant @ S.E.A. Aquarium

Most people would have considered using their vouchers to visit Wildlife Reserves Parks like Singapore Zoo, River Safari, S.E.A aquarium, but we are here to take it up a notch. Have you considered dining amongst the wildlife?

Having a meal in the Ocean Restaurant at the S.E.A. aquarium is an unique experience, given it being Southeast Asia’s only underwater dining experience. Doing that will allow you to have an atas meal that will send your tastebuds on a trip, while having sea critters floating just a few feet away from you. It will be an experience of a lifetime!


Want to tour around Singapore in a way you never before? Most of us have seen those iconic boat-like buses bearing the signature duck face, but few may have had the chance to take a ride on one before. The DUCKtour brings their riders on an hour-long journey, 30 minutes each on land and sea, going around the iconic landmarks of Singapore from the Marina Bay.

The friendly tour guide will show you different sides of Singapore, allowing you to learn new things about your home country. It will truly be rediscovering our sunny island! What’s more, it’s a great activity to do with family and friends of all ages.

Explore Jewel @ Changi Airport

On a regular basis, we don’t usually have much chance to enjoy the airport – after all, it is but a transit place while we wait for our flights. But since we can’t actually fly overseas now, we can take this time as an opportunity to explore airports, such as our prized Jewel @ Changi!

There are heaps of activities to do at Jewel that allows you to utilise your vouchers – from VR fun at Changi Experience Studio, to finding your way out of the mirror maze, to literally bouncing on air on Manulife Skynets, you will be spoilt for choice as to what to use your rediscover vouchers for!

What’s more, there are tons of F&B options available at Jewel, so you can eat and snack in between activities for a day of fun. (*disclaimer: you can’t use the vouchers for dining at Jewel.)

Hydrodash @ Sentosa

Sentosa is a treasure trove of fun – think USS, Siloso beach, the luge… But if you want a different theme park experience, there is Hydrodash.

Hydrodash @ Sentosa is what you get if Universal Studios Singapore meets Wild Wild Wet. It is a theme park on water, and boasts the name of being Singapore’s first-ever floating water theme park! From having fun dipping into the water and doing difficult obstacle courses to test your strength and courage, there’s something for everyone!

At the end of the day, with COVID-19 affecting our lives, it is important to take time off to rest and get away from it (without actually, you know, being able to hop on a plane or boat and escape to another country). The SingapoRediscovers Vouchers are here to help you cope, rest and relax, and spend time with family, friends, and even yourself! So have fun using the vouchers, take yourself out, and enjoy the experience of rediscovering Singapore 😊

Hope this guide helps! Do share with us any other unconventional ways to use your vouchers in the comments below.

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