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So Make The Friendship Bracelets, Take The Moment And Taste It – My Eras Tour Night 4 Experience

March 7th 2024, Wednesday. 


As I arrived at Stadium MRT with my best friend and fellow Swiftie by my side, I could not contain my nerves. I had looked forward to this day for close to 8 months, since July 5th 2023, the day I managed to snag two Eras Tour tickets during the UOB card members’ presale. 

Arriving at the National Stadium early allowed us to soak in the atmosphere and capture precious moments before the concert began. The bag check went amazingly well (though my friend and I had to finish our early dinner standing outside the gate because we vastly overestimated the time we would need to queue for it; we originally thought we could finish our dinner during the queue). Similarly, the queue to enter the stadium was non-existent when we arrived, and despite all the reports about overcrowding at water coolers or toilets, it was surprisingly empty. We laughed as we posed for pictures, eagerly discussing our predictions of Taylor’s Night 4’s surprise songs (I was hoping for You Are In Love or You’re On Your Own Kid). 

My best friend and I before the concert.



It was time for Sabrina Carpenter’s opening act.

Night 4’s Nonsense performance got the cheeky outro “Told that boy to sit me down on all fours, / told that boy go faster now I’m all sore, / you hit a little different here, Singapore.” and the cheers were so loud for that, setting the perfect tone for the evening. 

Despite the weather causing delays for some fans, those of us who made it to the stadium early were treated to an unforgettable performance. I was sorry to see Sabrina finish up her set, her energy was captivating and she was every bit of a performer she was praised to be.

But it was when Lady Gaga’s Applause started playing that the energy in the air reached a fever pitch. Those who went to the Eras Tour know – when Applause starts playing it means that the countdown clock to Taylor’s arrival is starting. People around me were excitedly scrambling to their seats and setting up their phones to record, some were ready to get up and dance (I was!).



A unified eruption of cheers filled the stadium as the vibrant glow of the stage signalled the imminent start of The Eras Tour. It began with the iconic “it’s been a long time coming” from Miss Americana & the Heartbreak Prince heralding Taylor’s arrival. It was a surreal moment, finally witnessing her perform live after years of admiring her from afar.

As the night unfolded, Taylor enchanted the crowd with a lineup spanning her illustrious career, from the anthemic You Need to Calm Down to the ever-popular Shake It Off. Each song was met with escalating energy, the stadium pulsating with the collective passion of fans. It was, definitely, a night to be remembered.

Taylor's stamina and dedication to delivering live performances were awe-inspiring. Amidst the whirlwind of melodies and emotions, she effortlessly commanded the stage, leaving the audience spellbound. During breaks between songs, Taylor's charm shone through as she interacted with the crowd, sharing stories and making us laugh.


One of my favourite sets was the Fearless era. I found myself swept up in the moment, dancing and singing along with tens of thousands of other fans. Taylor had called it a “trip back to high school” and there are no better words to describe it. Her 2008 hits remain as popular as ever. I think this was definitely one of my favourite sets despite the short length because of just how nostalgic and fun it was singing along with my best friend by my side, who’s been there with me since the very beginning.

Our Fearless hand hearts framing a very mini Taylor on stage! (Featuring the hand heart of a girl in front of us)

I have to include Red era as well, Taylor’s country and pop mix album that gave us iconic hits like 22 and I Know You Were Trouble. I think the highlight of the Red Era had to be Taylor’s backup dancer Kameron Saunders’ section where he got to shout Singlish phrases in place of “like ever!” during We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together. Night 4 was “ALAMAK!” and the crowd screamed so loudly. Hearing artists incorporate Singlish into their performances in an effort to try and localise their acts never gets old – and I’m pretty sure every single Singaporean appreciated how Saunders had the right intonation and everything. 

Kameron Saunders shouting “ALAMAK!” during We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.

Before I move on, I can’t forget All Too Well (10 Min). The Guardian had called it “the crown jewel in her songwriting catalogue and the emotional highpoint of the evening, a number she commanded from silence to goosebump-inducing crescendo and back with guitar pick in hand.” No better words can be used to describe it. A fan-favourite, I observed several girls in the section next to mine shouting the words so loudly it felt as if they had personally experienced every single emotion Taylor infused within the song through her lyrics.

And for the highlight of the night, the acoustic section!

Before Taylor started playing, she remarked that this section was truly a surprise section because no one in the venue, not even her staff, would know what she would play, other than herself. And so when the first notes for Death By A Thousand Cuts was played, I remember the entire stadium screaming so loud that it drowned out the very first few notes (I was definitely part of the screams).

Very biasedly, I will be proclaiming that this is the best mashup acoustic section of this year. My wish for You’re On Your Own Kid to be played live came true. I loved You’re On Your Own Kid from the moment I heard it in 2022 when Midnights was released and I will love it till the end of time because it truly is one of her lyrical masterpieces. How do you move on from the final lyric mashup on piano where Taylor sings “you’re on your own kid, you always have been / so take a deep breath girl, take a deep breath as you walk through the doors”? Because I can’t. I’ll always think about it.

Ending on a brillant note, we had Midnights, Taylor’s latest (as of time of writing) album and era.

Midnights captivated me and kept me dancing and singing and in high spirits. I always thought she was insane (in a good way) for ending the entire setlist with Karma because it ends on a high note – no sad songs that would make the post concert depression worse – and when I reminisce about it (like now when I am writing) I will always remember the fun vibes, the confetti, the fireworks, the way she smiled and danced and laughed with us.

And as Taylor took her final bow, I knew that this was a night I would never forget. It was a celebration of music, friendship, and the power of storytelling, and I felt grateful to have been a part of it.


But it wasn’t just the music that made the night unforgettable; it was the sense of community and camaraderie that filled the stadium. From the fans dancing in the aisles to the strangers singing along next to me, there was a feeling of unity that transcended age, race, and background. It was about sharing a moment in time with thousands of other people, all brought together by our love for Taylor and her music.

So as I look back on that unforgettable night, I’m filled with a sense of gratitude and joy. Gratitude for the experience, the memories, and the friendships that formed because of our shared love, and joy for the magic of music and the moments that truly take your breath away.

In the end, it’s not just about the concert itself, but about the journey we take together, the memories we create, and the moments we cherish forever.

A brilliant ending to a brilliant night.


P.S. can’t get enough of Taylor’s music? Listen to her newest album, The Tortured Poets Department here on Spotify!

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