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Soak in the festive vibes with your favourite Christmas foods

Organising a Christmas gathering with your family and friends this year-end holiday? Then you might need to start preparing the food! Think: honey baked turkeys, smoked ham, roasted potatoes, log cakes, a bottle of cold wine – the list goes on! But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with this list of Christmas foods that you can get online.


1. Christmas hams

Did you know that eating ham during this festive period has been a tradition since the 16th century when King Henry VIII first had turkey ham for Christmas? Here are some places where you can buy some of the best Christmas hams in Singapore and include them in your year-end feast with your loved ones!

  • Raffles Singapore

The Tender Semi Bone-in Half Gammon Ham (S$78) from Raffles Singapore is definitely worth a try this Christmas thanks to its low fat servings. It is served with a wide selection of healthy side dishes such as roasted vegetables, button mushrooms, Brussels sprouts, and tomatoes. Additionally, you can also choose to add some of Raffles Singapore’s a la carte treats like freshly baked cookies to your dinner set-up.

  • Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel

Another great option for Christmas hams has got to be from Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel! Specifically, we recommend the Honey & Clove Glazed Ham (S$168) that comes in a bone-in or boneless option. Moreover, adding cloves seems to be a good choice to enhance the ham due to its aromatic smell and subtly sweet flavour.

  • The Meat Club

As the winner of the 2019-20 Australian PorkMark Ham Award, The Meat Club has definitely made its mark as an online butcher that sells one of the best Christmas hams in Singapore. In particular, their Honey Glazed Ham (S$60) and Barossa Bone-in Ham (S$200) are fan favourites because they are pre-cooked. All you need to do is heat it through before slicing and serving it to your guests!


2. Christmas log cakes

Make your Christmas party much sweeter with some of the best log cakes around! Since most sellers have a specific cut-off date before they stop receiving orders, we’ve picked out some places that ensure you get your log cake fix just in time for Christmas.

  • Montreux Pâtisserie

As a Halal-certified bakery that offers log cake delivery, Montreux Pâtisserie accommodates our Muslim friends this festive season as well. Indulge in their expertly-crafted Chocolate Log Cake (S$56) which has great reviews for its delightful flavours. And can we just say, this has got to be one of the prettiest looking Christmas log cakes we’ve seen!

Log cake delivery: Delivers in three to five days, 2pm – 9pm

  • Annabella Pâtisserie

While Annabella Pâtisserie might be famous for its Laduree-inspired handcrafted macarons, their passion extends to log cakes too! Specifically, their Red Velvet Log Cake (S$62.90) has won us over with its pretty pink, green and brown macarons that contrast its snowy cream cheese frosting. Their Black Forest Log Cake (S$62.90) also perfectly wraps up any sumptuous Christmas dinner.

Log cake delivery: Until 25 Dec 2021, 11am – 5pm

  • Emicakes

Desire a wide array of flavours when it comes to buying the best log cakes for Christmas? Emicakes certainly takes the cake in this regard (pun intended)! With three unique choices of Christmas Log Cakes (S$32.90), you’ll be spoilt for choice. We recommend the classic Black Forest log cake which is a popular treat for kids.

Log cake delivery: Until 25 Dec 2021, 10am – 2pm & 3pm – 7pm


3. Christmas wines

There’s no better way to end the year than with a nice glass of wine. Not sure which wines will pair well with your Christmas spread? Fret not, we’ve got you covered with some of the best wines this Christmas too!

  • Yellow Tail Cabernet Sauvignon

If you love the smell of crushed blackberries with sweet mocha, then getting a Yellow Tail Cabernet Sauvignon (S$55) would be a great idea. Taste-wise, it is brimming with rich blackcurrant fruit and sour cherry flavours that will leave you wanting another glass. Packed in a set of three bottles, this is one of the best wines that delivers in both quality and quantity.

Tasting notes: Medium-bodied with a soft velvety finish

Food and wine pairings: Best enjoyed with desserts like cheesecakes and Christmas puddings

  • Whistling Duck Moscato

Like most Moscato wines, the Whistling Duck Moscato (S$30.80) has a fragrant aroma with a hint of fruitiness. Made with rose petals, peaches, and passion fruits, you’ll love how the fruity flavours add a clean finishing touch to your meal.

Tasting notes: Natural sweetness and fruity aftertaste

Food and wine pairings: Best enjoyed with appetizers and desserts

  • Brown Brothers Cienna

If you like the taste of summer berries in a glass, then you can consider getting the Brown Brothers Cienna (S$21.90) for your Christmas dinner. You’ll enjoy a nice mixture of natural acidity and fruity sweetness with every sip! It also has a nice ruby red colour which would definitely set the mood for Christmas.

Tasting notes: Rich and juicy with a hint of spice

Food and wine pairings: Best enjoyed with roasted Christmas turkey or goose


Merry Christmas everyone!

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