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A Short Guide To Horoscopes

Have you ever been stumped by what the twelve horoscopes are? Wondered why so many people are interested in what the stars have to say about their own personalities? What are your strengths and weaknesses as a person?

Read on to discover what each horoscope is! Find out more about your own horoscope so the next time your friends are discussing horoscopes, you can chime in and give your two cents!

  1. What Is Horoscope

  2. Is The Horoscope a Reliable Means Of Predicting Personality?

  3. Horoscope's Popularity in New Media In Recent Years

What is horoscope?

Horoscope is an astrological chart representing the positions of the sun, moon and planets during the time of an event occurring. Many see the horoscope as a way to analyze what personality one is influenced by based on the time they were born!

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There are 12 zodiac signs: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.

Reading the outer circle, you can find which horoscope you are based on your birthday. The name of your horoscope is derived from the shape of the constellation you were born under.

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  1. Aries

  2. Taurus

  3. Gemini

  4. Cancer

  5. Leo

  6. Virgo

  7. Libra

  8. Scorpio

  9. Sagittarius

  10. Capricorn

  11. Aquarius

  12. Pisces

Image credit: https://www.ancient-origins.net/history-ancient-traditions/babylonian-astrology-0010806

The Babylonians were credited for developing the idea of the astrological natal chart. By the 4th century BC, they could predict the movement of the stars with quite a reliable system after tracking the patterns of the star’s movements over time. Hence the astrological chart we know today was formed.

However, Is the horoscope a reliable method of predicting personality?

The short answer is no.

This is because of the lack of scientific evidence to prove that what the horoscope predicts will definitely be true. In addition, websites on horoscopes may have contradictory information on what traits each zodiac sign has. This contradictory information adds to the unreliability of horoscopes.

However, what we can say is that reading horoscope is a way of putting ourselves in the shoes of early humans. We can see the way they saw the world through a predictive lens using the stars and planets!

Horoscope’s large popularity in new media

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As a CNM student, one cannot help but love to keep track of trends online - and horoscope is definitely one of the up-and-coming hot topics of Gen Zs today.

“But Megan, didn’t you just say that horoscope is an unreliable way to predict personality?”

You’re right, I did say that, but did you know:

Young people, ages 18-29, more so than any other demographic are more likely to believe in astrology” "Of respondents in that age group, 16% said they believe in astrology a lot while 28% said they somewhat believe in it. “ (Insider, 2019)

Many youths still believe in horoscopes, explaining why it is a popular topic of discussion online! One reason why youths fall back on horoscopes is that it acts as a means of explaining the unexplainable, predicting their lives when in doubt.

💡 Where there are no answers, horoscopes provide them and so we hook on to them, even when we know they’re a little sketchy.

As humans, we can’t help but try to find meaning in the things we do and find answers. Hence it is comforting that horoscope promises that what we are doing is fulfilling our destinies divined by the universe. Horoscope hence helps makes one feel that their lives are worthwhile. Horoscope is also a way to regain some stability and control over our sometimes chaotic lives.

And with that… let’s find out more about your zodiac!


The Aries sign is considered the first zodiac in the astrological chart! Its mascot is a Ram and a fire sign ruled by Mars.


Some of the Aries’s positive traits include that these individuals love to initiate things. From new projects and events in their school clubs and projects to coming up with fresh ideas to try. They are bold in nature, risk-takers, and action-oriented. They can be seen ready to step into any challenge that comes their way, just like how a Ram butts its way with its horns head first into its target.


Aries signs however, may be Impulsive and impatient. Like the fiery Ram, they have a fierce temper. If not approached cautiously when they are upset, you may be faced with a heated outburst. Let the Aries cool down if they seem agitated or stressed. Beware of the temper of Aries during high-stress situations, such as when they are dealing with nasty groupmates and are at their wits end.


Taurus individuals are represented by the Bull and are an earth sign ruled by Venus.


They love serenity and calming environments and love comforting things - from warm blankets to a field of flowers. They tend to be ambitious and resilient as well. Being around them, Taurus can make you feel calm because of their Zen and soothing nature. Since they love the comforting things in life, they know how to find fun and enjoy themselves, from staying in to watch some Netflix or crocheting cute gifts for their friends.


That said, they can be quite stubborn and may stand their ground to prove a point similar to a bull kicking at the ground and grunting when they are upset. They may overindulge and be greedy due to their love for pleasure as well. This may drink excessively or overeat, leading to their demise in terms of health. They may procrastinate work in the name of playing hard and enjoying life, leaving unfinished work around.


Gemini individuals are symbolized by twins and are under the air sign ruled by the planet Mercury.


Gemini are playful and curious people who love gaining knowledge. They often have many different passions and hobbies and usually are members of many different friend groups. Geminis are great hustlers, often having Google Calendars filled with plans. They are good at organizing events and coordinating them, making them great at bonding people together. For Geminis, any conversation topic suits them just fine. Hence they make for great people to text when something is on your mind or if you want a good chat session (spill the tea sessions, anyone? )


That said, they may sometimes be characterized as indecisive and impulsive. Another thing is that because they are symbolized with twins, Geminis are often stereotyped to be two-faced and behave in one way while meaning another. They may gossip about others and enjoy snooping into private matters because of their curious nature. So when your spilling tea, you make need to think twice when sharing with a Gemini in case the tea spreads to others.


Cancers are symbolized by the crab and are under the water sign ruled by the moon.


Being empathetic, their strengths lie in reading the room and can pick up on other's emotions easily. This makes them very caring individuals who are gentle and compassionate, hence why many see them as motherly. They may seem cold initially, but as they open up to you, you will be able to find comforting and caring friends. They love making cozy places for themselves just like how a crab digs holes in the sand. From decorating their living spaces to having a comfortable nook to rest in after a long day of tutorials and lectures!


Their nurturing quality, however, threatens to potentially be controlling at times. They may be seen as overbearing and not respecting the independence and privacy of those they care for. Hence they need to be aware of this in order not to step over the line. If a Cancer does not receive the same compassion and empathy they give to their loved ones, they may become emotional. They will brood near you, snapping their pincers till they receive affection from you.


Represented by the lion, Leos are not afraid to showcase themselves and their talents. They are represented by the fire sign and ruled by the sun.


Leos are well known for their loyal nature. They also love to be at the centre of attention and to be celebrated. Leos tend to be confident in their abilities and love themselves for who they are. With bright and cheerful personalities, they stand out in a crowd. They also have big hearts and are very caring of the people that are dearest to them, such as their partners or friends. Lion-hearted, they will stand up for the weak and help those in need.


However, because of their prideful nature, Leos risk being blinded by their egoism and may be excessively prideful. They believe that their stances, such as during group discussions, are superior or that there are no flaws. When someone seems superior or that they are more powerful in the relationships such as friendships or at work, a Leo may become jealous. When they are receiving an unequal share of love, they may also become envious, such as when their younger sibling is getting all the attention from his or her parents.


The Virgo is represented by the goddess of wheat and agriculture, hence why the Virgos are so in tune with the world of food. They are represented by the earth sign and ruled by Mercury.


Virgos are incredibly kind, and loving to ensure the well-being of their loved ones. From cooking a meal to show their love through food, to giving gifts to show their appreciation. They are also patient just like a goddess, showing mercy and tolerance to others. This makes Virgos empathetic individuals that will try to understand the needs of others around them. Reliable, they are responsible and will take ownership for wrongdoings they have committed. They are someone you can rely on in times of need be it a shoulder to cry on or when you need help with something.


Virgos can be perfectionists, striving to make everything just right which can cloud their judgement. Virgos are over-thinkers at times too, worrying about their emotions and their relationships with others given how much people mean to them. They may be people-pleasers as a result, caring about how others view them. With such perfectionism and overthinking, they may be seen as easily bothered and affected by small things by others. This hence could make them look sensitive.


Libras are represented by a set of scales, symbolizing balance and order. They are an air sign ruled by Venus.


Libras tend to value harmony and order. They hope to ensure everything is “perfectly balanced as all things should be” to quote Thanos (although funny enough, Thanos is a Scorpio). Libras hope to achieve stability in every aspect of their lifestyles be it school, work or family. Libras strive to achieve justice and equality such as in making sure everyone has a say in the discussion as symbolized by the scales. Or that everyone is heard and not left out. This is why many Libras are good with people and are very social creatures.


Being perfectionists and people pleasers, however, this could also harm Libras. Disharmony and chaos in a Libra’s life may be very uncomfortable to Libra’s lives given how much they value harmony and conflict avoidance. They hate confrontation, which could cause them to leave issues undealt. For example, they may ghost a relationship. They may leave a company because they are too afraid to ask for a raise. They want to avoid conflicts to maintain the peace but this indirectly leads to them brushing conflicts under the carpet.


Scorpios are represented by the scorpion. They are ruled by the planet Pluto and are under the water sign. They are symbolized by the venomous scorpions.


Like the Geminis, Scorpios are misunderstood, given that the venomous Scorpion is what represents Scorpios. Scorpios are assumed to be filled with toxicity. Rather, astrologists believe this sting represents how Scorpios are strategic and careful, waiting for just the moment to strike to achieve their goals. They think decisively about the words they use to catch the attention of others, be it through their writing or oratorical skills. They also chose carefully when to perform certain actions to achieve their desired goals, be it in areas such as their hobbies or their daily life. Incredibly brave, they are unafraid to try new things or step out of their comfort zone such as trying a new sport.

Or you know, maybe skateboarding down a steep slope and scratching both their knees and getting McDonald's after, all in the name of ‘there's a first time for everything'. (That was my experience at least as a Scorpio... HAHA)


Yet they also can be power-hungry if they let their ego get the best of them. The same venom they wield can also intoxicate themselves, ironically becoming their own demise. They may be swept in the adrenaline of chasing their dreams, forgetting to take breaks or time for themselves. They may also forget to remember what is important to them, such as spending time with their family and friends. With a one-track mind, their ambition ends up hurting them. They are also clouded by jealousy if someone seems to be doing better be it in school or in talents. This results in them being very competitive, where everything from school to their hobbies becomes a competition.


Sagittarius individuals are under the fire sign and represented by the archer who is a half-human and half-centaur under the planet Jupiter.


Archery represents the adventurous nature of the Sagittarius who are not afraid to explore new territories, from new buildings to different neighbourhoods. They love to find answers and explore the unexplored. This can translate back to work where Sagittarius loves to posit new discoveries and establish new findings. Once a topic piques their interest they will deep dive into that area with a plethora of Google searches and YouTube videos. They are witty and are great at making people laugh be it through their sense of humour or maybe just ridiculing themselves to make others smile.


However, this search to grow their wealth of knowledge may also make some Sagittarius believe that they know it all as well, potentially coming off as arrogant or snotty. They say things as it is at times without a filter, making them very direct people. This directness may hurt the feelings of others. They may also be reckless in nature while pursuing their everyday adventures and end up hurting themselves. (My sister has torn three ligaments in her knee, and still joined a rugby club, only to break her knee again…please be careful Sagittarius...or maybe hurting our knees just runs in the family).


The Capricorn zodiac is marked by the sea goat which is derived from myths as a creature whose one part goat and one part fish. Capricorns are ruled by the planet Saturn and are under the earth's sign.


Capricorns are known to be party-goers, filled with playfulness and optimism. Find them rocking the dance floor at the club or signing up for events around school looking for a good time. With the sea goat as their symbol, Capricorns want to get past any hurdle that stands in their way. From a tough groupmate in a school project to a family conflict, Capricorns will find a way around it. They hate the small details and love to think of the big picture, making them great idealists who can set a clear large goal to work towards.


Their big-picture perspective may however make them seem aloof or uncaring. Capricorns can be straight to the point when dealing with others, risking being brutal or unempathetic. They are also afraid to fail since they want to overcome all hurdles. Hence, some Capricorns may adopt avoidance and try to run from their problems such as procrastinating an assignment. This makes them feel they have to overcome their hurdle when in fact they are running from it.


The Aquarius is symbolized by the water bearer from mythology who heals using water, breathing life into the land. They are ruled by the planet Uranus.


Given their healing nature, they love having a sense of community, with a close-knitted network of people to support one another through thick and thin. They enjoy activities such as bringing a club of students together or cheering on and providing advice to troubled friends. They have been viewed by some as cold or not present in the moment. This may be because they look for the substantial and meaningful and hence are chased away by the perfunctory nature of niceties Whether it is greeting acquaintances along the corridor or making small talk with tutorial group mates they think they will never see again. You can often find an Aquarius spending their time volunteering or working for a social cause.


Their righteousness and inner strength however may make them look stubborn or ignorant when in fact they hope to achieve betterment. They may detach themselves from their loved ones or distance themselves because they feel that they are on their own path in life and are trying to figure themselves out. Even if they hope to improve the world, they tend to be logical rather than feeling. Hence, many believe the Aquarius isn’t someone who is good at giving emotional advice or can be there when you need them such as when you need someone to rant to or a comforting voice.


The Pisces zodiac is ruled by Neptune and symbolized by the two fish, hence falling under the water sign, that swim away from the direction of the other, reminiscent of the image of Ying Yang. The Pisces zodiac is ruled by the planet Neptune. It is the very last zodiac before the astrological chart restarts its cycle.


Swimming in different directions, the Pisces love exploring the different places their imagination can take them. You can often find a Pisces pursuing creative endeavours. Just like how fish are swimming in a vast scary sea constantly, the Pisces know how to adapt to different situations. They are also interested in learning about the vast ocean they swim in, hence love gathering knowledge about the world they live in, deep diving into their interests. Creative and expressive, they love to express themselves through art and music!


They often have a ‘see the glass as half full perspective on life, failing to address the issues that are present in their lives and risking becoming delusional or unrealistic. So for the Pisces beware of any problems that you may have swept under the rug. It could be a project you have been putting off so you can go watch some YouTube videos and some good o'll TikTok, or with any issues and conflicts between your friends and family that you have failed to communicate about. The Pisces may also overthink, swimming into different perspectives and ‘what-ifs’ of situations. This makes them sensitive and moody at times as well because they may brood on past events.


So if you want to continue reading horoscopes, perhaps just look at it as a way of stepping into the shoes of the Babylonians and how they approached the world for answers by looking at the night sky before the age of modern science. 😉

Sources for Horoscope Traits: FutureScope Astrology and Allure

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