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  • Shanne Gan

Study Spots on Campus

Finally! The moment we have all been waiting for has arrived – the all-clear for students to return to campus. Yes, rejoice for we can finally return to any spot in NUS, no zoning or other restrictions in place. That being said, it’s also the first time many of us are stepping foot into campus. If you’re on the lookout for a good study spot, we here at CNM Types have your back. I’ll be covering some of the best places to study not just in FASS but also in UTown. Sit back, relax, and get ready to chope some seats!

Central Library (FASS)

Image: NUS Library Portal

If you are someone who focuses best in a quiet environment, then the Central Library is the place for you. Who can say no to an air-conditioned place complete with power sockets and soft lounge chairs? Discussion rooms are also available for group study sessions or project meetings. If you’re looking for a place for a night study session, level 6 is also open 24/7. Certain areas in the library are still undergoing renovation works, but parts of the library have already been freshly revamped and are now open to all. The only downside to the library is that it may be hard to secure a seat, much less a good one, during peak periods.

The Coffee Roaster/Maxx Coffee (FASS)

Image: The Straits Times

Can’t study without your caffeine or sugar fix? Head to The Coffee Roaster or Maxx Coffee in FASS for a wide selection of beverages and treats to enjoy while you dive into your notes. While Maxx Coffee is newer to campus with a wider selection of food and drinks, The Coffee Roaster is a FASS classic. These cafes are a great choice for you if you prefer a study spot that’s not too quiet. (Psst, their menus are also wallet-friendly!)

While most of our classes are situated in FASS, UTown is also frequented by most of us - especially if you're staying in one of the residential colleges there. Hence, I've also included some of my top studying spots in the university's cultural hub.

Computer Commons (UTown)

Image: National University of Singapore

Night-owls, look no further – this is the spot for you. The Computer Commons are located at the Education Resource Center (ERC) in U-Town, and they are accessible 24/7. Air-conditioned and complete with computers and power sockets, the commons are perfect for self-study or project meetings. Just make sure you head down early to chope a seat, especially during the exam periods.

The Study / Ian and Peony Ferguson Study (UTown)

Also located at the ERC in U-Town, The Study is located on the second floor while the Ian and Peony Ferguson Study is located on the third floor. Great for focus, these study rooms are arranged so that each student gets their own private space with dividers on each side. As usual, seats are limited so it’s best to head down as early as possible.

Area Outside Starbucks (UTown)

If you have ever walked past this study area, you will know that it is usually full of students mugging away. Perfect for those who prefer the fresh air, the big fan above also ensures that it doesn’t get too hot. If it does get a tad too warm for your liking, you can walk right into Starbucks and get yourself an iced coffee. Problem solved.

That's a wrap on the top 5 places to study in FASS as well as in UTown! As always, remember to take breaks during your study session. Have a short chat with friends, get a drink from a café, or just stand up for a stretch. Trust me, you’ll feel way more productive than you did before.

While there are definitely more places on campus for studying, these are definitely my top choices. Check them out and let me know which ones are your favourites!

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