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Putting Your Privilege into Action

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

As the circuit breaker extends, the cases in Singapore continues to grow. However, despite the looming pressure, it is heartening to see silent heroes stepping up and reaching out to the vulnerable communities that require assistance. As university students, huddled at home, baking bread and whipping dalgona coffees — it is easy to overlook our privilege in this situation. I too am guilty of falling into this comfortable mindset and failing to realise that we have a part to play even if it’s minuscule in nature. To make extending help a little easier, we’ve compiled a list of organisations you might want to consider donating to.

The list goes on, and unfortunately these are just a few organisations that are in need of donations. Alternatively, there are also creative means of donating to vulnerable communities like purchasing a Print from the Migrant Worker Beneficiary Print Sale.

S11 Dormitory, Punggol, While You Were Sleeping, 2014, Darren Soh

These are one of the prints taken by eight inspiring Singaporean photographers who banded together to raise funds for Singapore’s migrant workers. All proceeds will go towards

the Covid Migrant Support Coalition, a group of 4 NGOs (Migrant x Me, Itsrainingraincoats, Citizen Adventures and Singapore Migrant Friends) which helps to deliver food to migrant workers and provide mental health and online learning resources for quarantined workers. As well as HOME (Humanitarian Organization for Migration Economics), an organisation that provides support to migrant workers facing termination of employment, unpaid wages and inadequate access to healthcare and medical aid.


If you are unable to access the links in the table:

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