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Introducing: CNM Types! (Part VIII)

Another sem, another fresh batch of writers! We are elated to present to you the six new writers joining us. So, without further ado, let's welcome the new faces joining CNM Types AY 23/24 Semester 2!


Hello, Sab here! I’m a Year 3 communications and business major (currently doing a full-time internship). I am interested in pastas, theatre, genAI, mainstream animes, korean dramas and I watch pretty much anything that has a good story (or a good-looking lead) and english subtitles! My favourite genres are Historical Romance because ancient men in love just hit different as well as survival thrillers (natural disaster, ZOMBIES, epidemic) because those stories tend to touch on the human condition and they really do make me think a lot. And since I think a lot, I might as well try to put them down in words so here I am in CNM Types!

Hello, I'm Nicholas. A sophomore who finds more joy in my 2nd major in Political Science than my primary major, Economics. While I've spent nearly two years in Singapore, I grew up in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Hence, as small as Singapore is, I'm still on a journey to uncover Singapore's hidden gem. Being an introvert, writing serves as my preferred mode of self-expression, as I believe in the transformative power of words—they are, after all, a form of art. I'm also a language enthusiast (currently fluent in 4 languages and learning another--Bahasa Indonesia) and a keen explorer eager to broaden my horizons. Tapping on NUS’s resources, I've been fortunate to embark on journeys to various countries, including Thailand and Indonesia. Next semester, I'll embark on an exciting exchange program in Australia, which I look forward to sharing. Stay tuned!

Hey everyone! I'm Sonia, a Y2 CNM Major with a minor in Gender Studies. Since young, I've been surrounded by strong, independent women who have rightfully paved the way for me to want to empower and spread positivity to those around me to embrace their individuality and unique differences. Aside from #positivevibesalldayerrday, I am a HUGE foodie. During my free time, I enjoy posting mukbangs for my not-so-huge following of 30 followers on TikTok to watch <3 If I'm not recording an asmr-worthy mukbang, you are likely to find me out and about in the dressiest fits that make me feel good about myself! And there we have it - Empowerment, Food & Fashion!

HI everyone my name is Ryan and I'm a y2 PPE major! I'm a sportsman who is passionate about social issues such as environmental conservation. In my free time I enjoy sailing, basketball, trekking and cycling. As you can tell these sports are rather "nature involved", hence my passion for stems from my love for nature. This semester I decided to join CNM types as I thought it would be a good platform to pitch some of writing ideas and hopefully inspire others with some of my controversial takes on society, to spark some meaningful conversations with peers in hoped for a better future for all!

Heyo, I'm Keith, a Y3 Social Work student. I love writing, reading, and watching sports like MMA and Bouldering. I joined CNM Types to explore cool topics and hone my journalism skills.

hi friends! i’m rin, a y1 sociology and anthropology major with a tentative philosophy minor. i’m a bad poet, bunny mom, and serial spotify playlist maker. i also pour the milk in before the cereal ໒( ˵ •̀ ᴗ •́˵) my interests primarily lie in writing and reading about womanhood, pop culture, queerness, the evils of capitalism, and the formation of identity in the internet age. i think CNM types will give me a platform to write with intention and purpose — i hope to leave an impact on readers, or at least create dialogue on important issues.


And that's all the new writers! Each of them are bringing with them fresh perspectives and stories to share with all of us so remember to mark your calendars because we post every Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday!

For more updates, please follow our very own Instagram page and subscribe to our Telegram channel. Lastly, a huge thank you to our community of readers who have been supporting us thus far and we hope that our articles will continue to serve as your weekly entertainment or enrichment this semester.

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