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Introducing: CNM Types! (Part VII)

New year, new voices, and a fresh wave of creativity. We couldn't be any more excited to present to you the nine new writers joining us! So, without further ado, let's welcome the new faces joining CNM Types in AY23/24!


Hi everyone! I'm Amber and I'm a Y3 Linguistics student:) I have always loved writing since I was young and had a whole poetry-writing phase back when I was 13-17.. kinda been in a writing slump since then oops 😳 so I thought joining CNM Types would be a great opportunity to find that spark and drive again:) Apart from writing, I really LOVE listening to music especially taylor swift.. for so many reasons but I especially love how she’s able to write and sing about specific feelings so poetically, and have that resonate with so many people! That’s what I want to work towards too 🥳 I also love eating Japanese food like soba and sashimi:D

Hi everyone! I’m Christabelle, but you can call me Chris. I’m currently a third-year Geography major and possibly one of the most cat obsessed people that you’ll ever meet (cat content makes up about 50% of my camera roll and social media feeds). Outside of my adoration of felines, I have a deep appreciation for anything with a great story – whether it’s a film, TV show or even a rugby match. I’m absolutely thrilled to have this opportunity to share my passion for stories with you.

Hello! I am Eira, a Year 1 English Literature major! I enjoy reading and writing, and I've recently gotten into article writing because of my previous job post (thanks boss). I am an avid mala enthusiast and am unfortunately viciously addicted to bubble tea. Fun fact: I Netflix and Chill everyday in hall without fail (i love horror movies and shin ramen)!

Hi everyone! I’m Jaslynn, a Y2 English Literature major. I decided to join CNM Types because I like to…type. And I also enjoy writing content that might be useful to others. Though I particularly enjoy writing mostly about Travel, Food and Lifestyle. I’m currently learning Vietnamese, and I hope to be able to learn more languages in the future! My goal in life is to write a full length novel one day. 👀 whether I achieve that remains to be seen…

Hello! I'm Kelly, a Y2 CNM major! Lifestyle YouTube vlogs are basically my version of Netflix, and I love watching them whenever I'm feeling overwhelmed or when I'm doing work in general. Writing has always been something that perks my interest but haven't had the chance to expand that aspect of it, so I'm glad that I finally have the chance to do so! I love exploring and trying new activities/food places, and I've recently started learning the guitar :)

Hello I’m Maisara :-) I’m a Y3 Business student and taking CNM as a second major! (but I enjoy my CNM mods more than business 😅) I have a lot of interests and opinions and I’ve wanted to explore writing so here I am 👍🏼 Looking forward to this experience!!

Hi, I'm Minrui and I'm a Y2 CNM major that's also minoring in Sociology. I love reading, and I'm open to a wide range of genres, from fiction to autobiographies and research journals. I also enjoy listening to music. I joined CNM Types because I'm interested in the journalism sector and hope it'll be able to give me a little taste on what it's like.

Hellooo!! I’m See Min, a Year 1 CNM major with a minor in Japanese Studies. As you can probably already tell, I enjoy watching anime (+ K/J-Dramas!), reading manga/webtoons and listening to music! Believe it or not, I still prefer using wired earphones to enjoy music :D

I thought CNM Types will be the best place for me to improve my writing skills and learn from fellow writers, so here I am! Looking forward to showing you my articles and hope you will enjoy reading them~

Hello, I’m Yan Yi, a Y1 CNM major. I like watching Ghibli movies, writing, and collecting cute trinkets. Even though collecting small items from everywhere makes my desk rather cluttered, I feel that the organised chaos helps me work better.

I joined CNM Types so that I can have the opportunity to express myself through writing. I hope to expand my horizons and make my writing more interesting and impactful.


And just like that, the stage is set! Our nine new faces, each bringing with them new perspectives and stories to share with all of us. Remember to mark your calendars because we will be posting every Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday this semester!

For more updates, please follow our very own Instagram page and subscribe to our Telegram channel. Lastly, a huge thank you to our community of readers who have been supporting us thus far and we hope that our articles will continue to serve as your weekly entertainment or enrichment this semester.

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