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Introducing: CNM Types! (Part V)

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

Updated: 6th September 2022

Another new academic year, another semester, another group of writers. This time, we'll not only be introducing to you nine new faces, but our entire team of writers who will be bringing you quality content for the rest of the year!


Hey I'm May, a fellow Y2 CNM student! Being an introvert, I've found that I express myself better through writing and am excited to share more about my recent hyperfixations and opinions here. I spend the majority of the day cooped up in my bedroom and enjoy dressing up to explore the city and restaurants at night. I love everything from candles to the beach, Pinterest boards and creating playlists! Hopefully you'll get to know more about me through my writing than this short intro ˚ʚ♡ɞ˚

hi !! I’m Faith, a y2 sociology (and theatre studies yes) major and this is my first semester in CNM Types :D I used to enjoy my own company, but uni has helped me to appreciate and grow fond of quality time with people I care about ! so….in my free time I'm usually out of the house, which hurts my wallet TvT but anything for the mmrs <3 I joined Types to try out a new style of writing, as similar to others I enjoy crafting stories in my own time but this’ll

be my first dive into journalism :D

Hi! I'm Kaisah, a Y1 CNM major. I've always enjoyed writing, and I thought it would be fun to put my writing skills to the test and join CNM Types! If my stress over assignment deadlines doesn't get the better of me, you can usually find me obsessing over a k-drama or sitcom. Other than that, I also dabble in crocheting and baking, which is probably a product of stress as well ooops. I also love goats <33333 (hence the picture haha)

HELLO!! Dionne here~ I'm a Y3 CNM major with a minor in Management :) I'm a master procrastinator AND an owl so any of my articles here will probably be written past 3am because inspiration strikes me at the ~best~ timings. My fun fact, however, is that coffee makes me sleep <3 I joined CNM Types because it's a platform for me to write more (it's like FASS essays aren't enough for me) and I hope I'll be able to churn out interesting content :DD Feel free to HMU if you have anything you'll like me to write about~~

Hello! My name is Aida and I'm a Year 4 Political Science major with a minor in Language Studies (Korean). I've always loved writing and I wanted to try exploring different writing styles through CNM Types. I find it emotionally challenging to go a day without coffee, and lately I've been trying to learn more about cooking, quad skating and skincare. I hope to share more about my passions (mostly Korean culture and language) and just my little musings about life in general here :-)

Hi everyone!:) My name is Gillian and I'm a y1 cnm + soci major!! I love to read and I've always wanted to write my own articles and stories and so I joined CNM Types to finally try that out! Other than that, I like to paint, dance and watch shows. My favourite series is Modern Family and I can talk to you about it forever <3 I look forward to share my writing and I hope you enjoy my articles too! :D

Hi I'm Jin Kang, doing a psych major and a couple of minors. As depicted beside, the Collusion brand mushroom is my spirit animal (fungi) because I aspire to be as ✨enlightened✨ as it looks at all times. Because of this enlightenment, I like writing/talking about things that people don't usually discuss. I have met Master Oogway before and he described me as "the most based person I have ever met" before fading into the wind. I hope he was referring to my content 😔👌🏼

Hii, I’m Ishita, a year 1 CNM major and psych minor but apparently I need to do stats even as a minor so I'm probably gonna drop psych :)

I am trying to get back into playing the guitar (so that my guitar doesn’t go to waste) and because I wanna be able to play songs for my friends. I am also obsessed with medical shows (have watched greys anatomy twice and house md thrice) so if you see a post related to this,

you know it’s me ;)

I enjoy writing and even have my own blog! It's on a hiatus right now because I struggle to finish writing the stuff I start but that’s something I’m working on and I look forward to writing (finished pieces) for CNM Types! I hope y’all enjoy my articles and see you around :D

Hello! I'm Sabarna, a Y2 CNM & biz double major. I like to spend the wee hours of the night/morning doing my to-do list, admin work and pondering deeply about life. During the day when I'm not falling asleep, I like to watch dramas or coerce myself to go to CLB to do my work.

Hi everyone! I'm Clairene and it has actually been two years since I did my very first intro on CNM Types. Two years later I am still here - not only just as a writer, but also co-heading the subcomm with Abigail (woohoo!). I am year 3 now, and I am doing a major in CNM with a second major in History, the latter purely because I am interested. Apart from history, I am also interested in watching shows and thinking about them, as well as creating

content whenever I am in a publicity position. I think the reason why I am still in CNM Types is because I genuinely enjoy the craft, and seeing all the different article ideas that everyone has really makes me very happy. I hope you will enjoy reading this semester's articles, because its going to one h*ll of a ride ;D

I’m Arnest, a Year 2 CNM and Management double major and I’m also minoring in Korean Language Studies. I have a deep interest in Korean pop culture as well as comic book entertainment, and I like writing about these things. Joining CNM Types was a way for me to hone my craft and share my thoughts with others, while also exploring areas outside of my craft. I hope y’all will look forward to the rest of our articles :)

Hi! I’m Jing Xuan, a Y2 Philosophy student. In my free time, I love binging YouTube videos. Gaming videos, video essays, and mukbangs are my favourites!

CNM Types has been a great place to share my thoughts and passions on various subjects, and I look forward to seeing you all there this semester! :)

Hi! I'm Suryani, a Year 3 CNM major. Since most of my days are spent procrastinating, I thought it was time to explore other interests beyond burning hours of my time watching TikToks. I figured, why not start with a school blog that allows me to write whatever I want? From Bollywood movie reviews to meditation, CNM Types had plenty of room for creative freedom and I certainly took advantage of that.

Am I still procrastinating? Yes.

Am I still watching 5 hours of TikTok? Also yes.

Am I a better writer now? Ehh, maybe.

Do I like what I'm doing? Absolutely!

Hi I'm Megan a year two Japanese Studies and CNM double major 😉 I love writing articles which inspire others to try something new and it's a way of expressing my creativity

You can find me at UTown doing questionable things such as signing up for as many ccas as there are days in a week. Many say I have an incredibly scary resting

face but rest assured: I am actually a super

smiley person once you get to know me!! (Apparently I look like both a beaver and a bear to my friends uhhhh)

I hope to girlboss and make content go brrrrr so I can go home to my sausage dogs after a long school week💕

Hello! I’m Elizabeth, or Liz, a Y3 CNM major. When I’m not writing, I like to play the bass or listen to music! I joined CNMTypes to improve my writing skills and learn from other writers too :) I look forward to writing for you!

Hello all! I’m Valerie, Y4 in CNM, with a minor in German. I’m interested in film analysis, and trying out good cafes. I spent most of my free time on YouTube, mostly watching and sometimes posting videos :D My current favourite channels are Kurzgesagt & 十六 (it’s chinese!). Sports wise, I enjoy playing volleyball & badminton, and I’m aiming to pick up rollerblading soon! This interest came about when I first started wondering, “how do people who rollerblade skate uphill? Is that even possible?”. I joined CNM Types to find a space to write about all the things that I feel deserves attention, and I hope you’d enjoy reading our articles.

Helloo it's me again! I'm Cheng Leng, more commonly known as Abigail, and I’m a Y2 CNM major with a minor in Chinese Translation. I'm also the other Co-Head for CNM Types!

A fun fact about me is that my most used app on my phone isn't Instagram, Telegram, nor Netflix, but in fact Safari. That's because I love to read web novels! So I spent a total of 20h on Safari last week reading LOL

When I was first introduced on here, I talked about being a procrastinator. Now, I'm still procrastinating ... I guess some things just don't change easily, just like your support for our articles (I hope) ;) Please continue to enjoy what we write, and stay tuned to CNM Types especially for this upcoming sem as we have many interesting content lined up!


And there you have it. Let's welcome our new writers and look forward to our articles that will be published every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday this semester!

We also just launched our very own Instagram page and Telegram channel so please follow us and subscribe to us for more updates.

Lastly, a huge thank you to our community of readers who have been supporting us thus far and we hope that our articles will continue to serve as your weekly entertainment or enrichment this year.

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