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Introducing: CNM Types! (Part IV)

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

Hi everyone! We hope that all of you had a good recess week, and more importantly, are well rested for the second half of the semester :”)

Here at CNM Types, we aim to bring you at least two fresh articles every week, with every single one being unique and fun to read. To better achieve this aim in the later part of this semester (and through to summer), we are intending to collaborate with more student bodies to curate more holistic articles for your enrichment. Additionally, we wish to broaden our content coverage by discussing interesting issues that have never been seen on our blog before!

And what better way to do this than to bring in new writers into the team?

Introducing to you our seven new writers who will be an integral part of the team from here on out. Do look out for their articles that will be published in the upcoming weeks!


Brandon Ow

(editor’s comment: yes, we have two Brandons in CNM Types!)

Hello!! I’m Brandon, or Brando as most people call me these days and I’m a Y2 CNM major with a minor in Biz. Writing has always been one of my passion projects and after two sems of indecisiveness, I finally decided to give it a proper try!! I’m super excited to share my love for food, movies and K-culture with everyone here <3 When I’m not procrastinating on my work (which is rarely…), I enjoy café hopping and doing photo walks or just exploring different parts of SG. Of course, I’m not opposed to a good old-fashioned stay-home Netflix binge either! See you around :)


Elizabeth (you can call me Liz!)

Hi everyone!! I’m Liz, a Y2 CNM major :) When I’m not rushing deadlines, you’ll find me watching Netflix, YouTube and anime… If I’m feeling more productive, I like to cook, play bass guitar, or paint! (Basically, I’m interested in anything that doesn’t involve math…) I joined CNM Types because I enjoy writing and this seemed like the best place to practice and improve~ I look forward to writing for you!



Hello there! I’m Grace, a Y2 CNM and Business student :-) As an ENFP, I go through many different phases with newfound obsessions … Lately, I’m currently obsessed with cute cats (especially UTown’s furry friends), embroidery and desserts! I’ve always been passionate about lifestyle writing — food, fashion, people, new experiences, you name it! Languages fascinate me and I find it interesting how words have the magic to shape interaction and move hearts. I hope to use this platform to explore my writing style, and meet fellow writers who share the same interest in writing.

I look forward to share inspirational, meaningful and light-hearted stories with you all <3 Stay tuned and see you all around school! ~


Jing Xuan

Hello! I’m Jing Xuan, a Y1 Psychology student. I used to have a small little podcast, and now I am sharing my thoughts and opinions with CNM Types! I watch a lot of YouTube videos in my free time (mainly gaming and video essays/commentaries). I also love sweetened iced tea, and have it with almost every meal (a little Unhealthy I know). I think you can see from my upcoming articles that I have certain topics I’m passionate about, so see you all there! :)


Megan Michael

(editor’s comment: we also have TWO Megans here!)

Hi I’m Megan! I’m a Y1 Japanese Studies Major minoring in CNM who can be found in bed watching TikTok in the morning (it’s a habit i need to work on). I enjoyed writing poetry during my time in Junior College, but since coming to NUS, i have started working more on newsletter articles instead HAHAH.

You can find me biking at Coney Island on the weekends because I love that it combines forest bathing and a trip to the beach in one!! Either that or I will be roller skating on my quad skates and jamming to some tunes hehe. I hope I get to write about more things that I’m interested in while in CNM types and hopefully make some new friends :)



Hi! I'm Suryani, a Y2 CNM major. I'm just a lost 20-year-old fumbling through life. I'm a master procrastinator (at this rate, who isn't?) but I'm proud to declare that I meet all my deadlines, which really is the bare minimum but you take what you can get! Shockingly, writing isn't a hobby of mine. In fact, I much prefer reading. However, I really want to hone my writing skills and I think CNM types is a great place to start! Hopefully, my writing will bring value to you!



Hi everyone! I’m Valerie, a Y3 CNM student with a German language minor. I have a personal blog and YouTube channel, but I have always been on-and-off about them … so I think joining CNM Types will push me to write more about the things I want to share! Hope my writing improves over time too! Apart from writing, I enjoy discussing about films and TV series, and cafe hopping. Less so for the latter now, because I am trying to save money to travel in the near future :D

Apart from watching Netflix and YouTube, my free time these days is spent on getting a driving license and getting myself to exercise….


Let’s welcome our new writers into our ever-growing team! We also want to thank all of you, our readers, for your constant support in reading our articles and providing us with the motivation to continue posting every Tuesday/Friday :) Remember to drink lots of water and let’s keep ourselves safe by keeping the Omicron at bay!

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