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Introducing: CNM Types! (Part III)

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

Source: Belle Co from Pexels

It's a brand new academic year and a brand new semester so that means... /drumrolls/ new writers joining us on our CNM Types journey!

Introducing to you the seven new faces, personalities and motivations behind our dynamic team of writers with fresh ideas and articles that we hope you will continue to enjoy, support and be enriched by.


Abigail (Cheng Leng)

Hello! I’m Cheng Leng, otherwise known as Abigail, and I’m a Y1 majoring in CNM. When I’m, unfortunately, procrastinating, I’ll read or watch the occasional show. I also love milk tea, and I daresay that I’ve tried almost every bubble tea brand available in Singapore … (Not the healthiest I know but I’m here for a good time not a long time) (I’m also a 25% sugar level kind of person so I hope it’s not that bad) The reason I joined CNM Types is because I wanted to improve my writing. That being said, I’m open to any feedback, suggestions or even questions you might have regarding my content, so please feel free to leave comments! :)


Hellooo, I'm Nicole, a Y2 CNM & Soci major :-) I've always been very interested in writing. In junior college, I used to run a little gig where I wrote little things for people based on prompts; I once wrote a Taylor-Swift-esque revenge poem for a girl whose boyfriend cheated on her,,, I hope my time with CNM Types will be just as interesting huhu. I'm also part of NUS Skating ((although i admit i haven't gone in a while because school has been really hectic)) and it's really cool even though a lot of people don't really know it exists oops. I look forward to developing my writing skills and also meeting like-minded people here :>


Hello! I'm Brandon, a Y2 CNM major. I used to own a blog a few years ago that I've since deleted because I got busy with school.. so here I am at CNM Types exploring my interest once again hoho. I have 2 dogs named Truffles and Hershey, and they're really the only things keeping me going this semester :') Recently I picked up judo and am working toward my dream of becoming an Olympian so please support me when I appear in Paris 2024 Olympics! That's a joke.. anyways, I'm looking forward to sharing more of my insights on this blog and hopefully resonate with you guys! :)


Hello! I'm Gabriel, a Y2 CNM student who honestly just wants to graduate already HAHA. From young, I have always had a huge passion for writing, and my career dream is to work in a lifestyle newsroom in the future! So I guess joining CNM Types would prepare me for that and give me a glimpse into running a lifestyle website. One fun fact about me is that I only drink water, ice milo and soya bean. I have never tired coke or green tea and I am on an indefinite bubble tea fast HAHA (I'm not weird ok!) In my free time (which is very rare :(( sigh), I love to read a good mystery novel, go for a run or and attend a spin class. Also, I will drop everything for a good game of mahjong so please hit me up if you're short of a player!! :D


Hello everyone! I'm Armado and I'm a Y3 CnM and Econs double major! Made the decision to swap over to CnM this year as I really enjoyed what I was learning and felt that it was widely applicable! Here you can see me holding my first ever pizza dough that I made at my old part-time job (yes it's burnt HAHA)! In my free time, (aside from school and my part-time job) I enjoy being a potato in my bed just browsing Netflix or YouTube videos, or vibing and chilling with some nice music in the background! Felt that joining CnM Types would be a nice way for me to figure out my writing interests as well as a platform for me to learn how to be a better writer! Looking forward to sharing my posts with you guys and please feel free to provide any feedback along the way too! :)


Hi, I'm Arnest, a Y1 (prospective) CNM and Management double major who can be found buried in either of my two joys in life, K-entertainment and comic book-related media, in my downtime. As an introverted homebody, I've always been more comfortable with and enjoyed conveying my thoughts through writing (which spawned the creation of my own blog) rather than verbally. Combine that with my strong belief that "the best way to learn is to teach" and here I am as a new writer for CNM Types, in the hopes of expanding my writing repertoire while still being able to share my opinions and views to the CNM populace. See y'all around :)


Hi I’m Alina! I’m a Y4 CNM major which means this is the last chance for me to make the most of university life! This is why I’m joining CNM Types only now :’) I thought it would be a great chance for me to explore my writing style, especially since I’ve been putting it off for a while now. Other things I recently took up are volleyball (which really hurts) and kickboxing (which sometimes hurts). When I have free time, I like to binge watch shows and most importantly, sleep in! Also, my hair doesn't look like that anymore but I don't really take photos soooo that’s about it from me. See you around!


Warmest welcome to our new writers of CNM Types!

And thank you so much to our community of readers - it is only with your constant support that we managed to come so far :)

Here's our promise to you: we'll continue to do our best to enrich your CNM experience with our articles! Stay tuned for more, and for now, all the best for your midterms and submissions!

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