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Introducing: CNM Types!

Introducing to you: the first edition of CNM Types sub-committee! Yes, it’s official! A sub-comm has been formed and we will be hard at work writing an array of articles for our fellow schoolmates to read! But before we start, we wanted to properly introduce ourselves to everyone. Continue reading to find out the faces behind these articles!


Hi! I'm Megan year 3 CNM + Biz, and I'm the head of CNM Types! I'm into fitness, food and have a huge soft spot for corgis; in my free time you'll probably find me sipping on bbt or finding a dog to play with.


Hello! I’m Lee Xian, the other head of CNM Types! Currently in Year 3 and am on CIP. I like to joke that in my 4 years in NUS, I spend an entire year out of school - my first half of Year 3 was spent gallivanting around Europe when I was on exchange, and my second half will be spent slogging away on internship (yes, really, we interns sometimes call ourselves our boss’ slaves hurhur).

Anyway, my interests lie in module reviews, talking about my experiences and reflections, and talking about art and music! Not sure if I should out myself so quickly, but I’m pretty into kpop - old kpop, to be specific. Please don’t come to me with Itzy or TXT. Think: Kpop until 2012 :P


Hi I’m Cheryl, Year 3 CNM kid with the blurness of a Year 1. I’m quite quiet when we first meet but all my friends say I literally cannot stop talking. I love bubble tea and fancy coffee so most of the time you’ll see me in one of the FASS cafes mugging or playing games :’)


Just a brief intro why I joined CNM Types: I LOVE to write. I cannot believe it myself even while writing this, but this is a fact. To be frank, I am still exploring what my favourite genres of writing are. Currently, I really enjoy writing opinion pieces, topics related to discussing life and the world as a whole. Do look forward to our work as we continue to brew more pieces for you! Hope you will enjoy my work too :)


Hi, I’m Shanne, a Y1 CNM Major :) I joined CNM Types as I’ve always had a passion for writing (mainly lifestyle and opinion pieces) and I’m hoping to gain more experience in the field! In my spare time, I love playing with my dog, watching Netflix and going out for drinks with friends.


Hello, I’m Zachary! I’m a Y1 blur king just blundering through my first year in university. I love writing (but I hate deadlines). I’m also a huge fan of the Chicago Bulls and Liverpool F.C., and I’m a casual gamer (hit me up on Apex Legends!)

I’m looking forward to writing for this blog, hopefully to provide a voice for all my fellow blur kings and queens out there! Don’t worry, you’re not alone 😊


Hello! I’m Elyette (or just Ely, for short), and I’m a Y3 exchange student for the semester! I was born and raised in snowy Montreal, Canada, and I’m majoring in Political Science and Journalism - I beg of you not to ask me about politics or you will never hear the end of it. This might not come as a surprise, but I’m passionate about anything media and comms related, and I’m always curious to learn more about literally anything. In my free time, you can find me staring into the horizon and philosophizing on a rock (much in the manner of The Thinker statue).


Aaaand, that’s all of us for this sem! Our first article by our members will be live on Friday! Thank you for your readership and we hope that you’ll show your support for our first article! Hint: it’s related to COVID-19 but not in the way that you think ;)

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