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Happy New Year 2021!

(Image Source: Freepik)

2020 hasn't been an easy year for any of us—the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic across the globe has forced many of us out of our comfort zones. The transition on such short notice to work-from-home arrangements, virtual classes, and the sudden closure of many establishments that were staples in our daily lives were difficult to adapt to.

As we look back on the year that has passed, we believe that this time has made us more aware of our privileges. Yes, it was frustrating when our travel plans were canceled; that anticipated grad trip is now nothing but a faraway dream. Yet, we are so lucky to be in a country that has handled the situation relatively well. We are fortunate that one of our biggest grievances of the year is the inconvenience of meeting friends and traveling, and not the worry if we would survive the next day in a country ridden with COVID-19 patients.

But, that's enough of lamenting the year that has passed—Let us look ahead to the new year!

We believe that we have all learned a lot about ourselves this past year. Let us put these lessons into action as we get ready to tackle the new year. We may not know what the future holds, and how the COVID-19 situation will evolve in the coming year, but we can always look forward to all that we can achieve.

From all of us here at CNM Types, we wish you a Happy New Year and good luck in all that you strive to achieve in 2021! Have strength and press on! 🙂

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