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Get Up & Go!

As the semester winds to a close, many of us are surely looking forward to the carefree days of no readings, no essays and all play. Cafe-hopping, Netflix binge-watching and some retail therapy all sound pretty fun, but before you go ahead and make plans with your friends who take forever to reply, allow us to give you a few more options to consider!

Outdoor activities are a great way to stay active after a long semester of morning coffees and late-night study snacks. Getting into a gym workout or running long distances can be tough for the less athletically inclined among us, but don’t worry, the activities we have here are completely beginner-friendly. What’s more, it’s a nice change of scenery (literally) that you can experience with your friends!

This article is also a collaboration with NUS Outdoor Activities Club, or ODAC for short. A student-run interest group, ODAC believes in sharing the outdoor experience with the rest of NUS and bringing people together through the limitless wonders of Mother Nature.

“We hope to put our own creative touch and create a platform for just about anyone to connect. That's why our activities are all zero to low entry-level events which don't require much from the participants! And even if it's something that's completely new, we'll provide you the guidance and experience to help you out!” - ODAC President, Nafil Z.

Naturally (get it? heh.), we couldn’t write an article about outdoor activities without actually featuring some of them right? Here are some of ODAC’s favorite activities that are not only great for immersing yourself in the great outdoors, but are also relatively fuss-free & low cost!


Take a Walk on the Wild Side

Photo Credit: Little Day Out

I’m sure most of us are no stranger to nature trails and long hikes, but if you’re bored of the Treetop Walk at MacRitchie or you can practically memorize the number of waves on the Southern Ridges, here’s one route that is lesser known, but guaranteed to be just as scenic! (ODAC guarantees it, not us)

Your journey begins at Kranji MRT station, a convenient starting point on the North-South Line. From there, head off to the Rail Corridor - a picturesque route that even allows you to walk on old railway tracks! It’s a great spot for taking Insta-worthy photos as well.

Photo Credit: The Smart Local

When you’ve snapped enough shots, continue on to the final stop of your adventure, SkyVille @ Dawson where you can take in a breathtaking view of scenic Singapore from 43 stories up at no extra cost!

ODAC Tip: If you’re up for it, take a midnight hike and you’ll be rewarded with a perfect sunrise from the rooftops!

Spin Class: Outdoor Mobile Edition

Photo Credit: Mothership

Disclaimer: we have nothing against spin class, it’s just a funny caption (we think). However, we do highly advocate going on a cycling trip and contrary to popular belief, cycling is not just limited to the East Coast-Marina Barrage-Gardens by the Bay route or Coney Island. Our friends at ODAC strongly recommend exploring the Ulu Sembawang area just off Mandai Road.

Cool misty hills surround lush greenery, a perfect space for that ethereal fairy-core vibe. If you’re lucky enough to catch the sunrise, the mix of bright orange hues with blue-ish grey fog makes for a view unlike any other! End off your perfect morning with a prata breakfast at the popular Springleaf Prata Place just a few bus stops away.

Paddle Paddle

Photo Credit: Have Halal Will Travel

Kayaking might not be the most well-known recreational activity in Singapore but it’s definitely worth a try! Picture yourself gliding gently alongside the Flower Domes and Marina Barrage, far away from the throngs of people that crowd the walkways, the soft lapping of water against your kayak as the perfect background music for your journey. That doesn’t sound so bad, does it?

These kayaks are available for rental at places like the Sports Hub. From there, you can enjoy a leisurely paddle down the reservoir, taking in the sights of our picturesque skyline or you can even fire up your competitive spirit and have a mini race against each other! Do note that a 1-star kayaking certificate is needed to paddle all the way to Gardens by the Bay, otherwise you’d be limited to the Kallang basin (which has amazing views as well).


These are just a few of the outdoor activities that our friends at NUS ODAC have suggested for you to try out this coming summer break. Of course, there’s loads more but we’ll leave that to the experts. Do check out @nus.odac on Instagram if you’re interested to find out more and we here at CNM Types hope that this article has sparked the wanderlust in you! After all, the sun’s shining and so are you~

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