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Fun Things to Do During Winter Break

POV: Yes, it’s finally winter break! You get home after your last finals paper and relax on your bed, starting a Netflix marathon that lasts the whole night (and morning). The next day, you wake at 3pm, and you realise that besides Netflix, you don’t know what else you can do.

Thinking about your empty schedule for the whole month ahead, you start wondering how else you can spend your time, but come up with nothing.

No need to strain those brain cells in thinking any further, because we’ve entered the chat. I’ve done the ideating for you, so let me share some ways you can spend your time this winter holiday!

Let's begin with …

1. Visit Da Vinci, The Exhibition in Science Centre Singapore

Talk about a man with talent! Many of us know of Leonardo da Vinci’s famous artwork, Mona Lisa, but did you know that da Vinci was also an engineer, scientist, theorist, sculptor and architect?

According to Science Centre Singapore, the Da Vinci exhibition features more than 50 life-size inventions and over 20 fine art studies done by the genius polymath.

Da Vinci, The Exhibition, open till 2 Jan 2022 (photo by The Smart Local)

If you’ve nothing else to do, why not visit the exhibition and gain insight into his works, research and life? Not only will you be able to engage with interactive displays, you’ll also walk away with creative Instagram-worthy photos taken at the specially designed stations in the exhibit. I know I’ll definitely be taking over Mona Lisa in the painting photo booth and leaving the exhibit heartbroken that I don’t have da Vinci’s intelligence.

I’m gonna be the one standing there soon (photo by The Smart Local)

Regardless of whether you’re an arts-oriented or science-oriented student, I think this exhibition will be interesting to explore.

Ticket prices are $18 for adults and $15 for children, get your tickets here!

2. Explore a Free Event at The Esplanade

If art is up your alley, Re-THINGing Gesture in Contemporary Sculptural Practice should be added to your “To Visit” list!

The exhibition is open till 2 Jan 2022

This exhibition is one of the various visual arts events presented by Esplanade, featuring works done by 9 local artists. According to Esplanade’s website, this exhibition re-examines gesture through object and text-based works instead of just being limited to its common association with the body.

Visiting this exhibition would be perfect for those in the mood to analyse, appreciate or admire sculptures made by talented Singaporeans.

Psst, keep your eyes peeled for more events and activities you can enjoy at the Esplanade without emptying your pockets here!

3. Book a Ride at the Singapore Wake Park

I recently watched a variety show and there was one section where they filmed the celebrities involved enjoying water skiing. After watching that scene, I decided that simply playing water skiing on Wii Sports was not enough, and immediately looked up water skiing in Singapore to see where I may experience what seems like a fun and thrilling sport.

If you’re an adrenaline junkie or you love to try new things, now might be the time for you to experience water skiing in Singapore’s one and only cable-ski park!

To all newbies out there, not to worry as the park offers a cable system (the cable that pulls a water-skier along) for complete novice riders with instructors available to guide us on what to do. If you’re too shy to try out this activity by yourself, make sure to bring along another adventurous friend with you!

Who knows, maybe you’ll fall in love with the sport or realise that you have an exceptional talent at water skiing?

Ticket price for Beginner Straight Line System: $50 per rider

Check out the riding schedule and book your tickets here!

4. Cycle on Water at Pasir Ris

On the other hand, if you think water skiing is too intense for you, perhaps you could try water biking instead!

And no, you can’t just take your bicycle and cycle straight into the ocean. At Waterbike SG, each rider sits on a bicycle frame fixed onto two large floats, specially designed for users to ride the waves and pedal leisurely about above seawater.

With the sea breeze caressing your cheeks and the clear, blue skies right above you, waterbiking would definitely be a unique and chill activity to do during the holidays.

Don’t forget to jio your friends or family along too! Not only will y’all be sharing the fun, but they can also help you take picturesque photos to update your IG ;)

Rental of a waterbike for an hour starts from $30, and you can book your ride here!

5. Play at D’Ultimate XCape at Downtown East

What? Did someone say “carnival”?

That’s right, Uncle Ringo is back with entertaining carnival rides at Downtown East!

Open till 20 March 2022 (photo from The Smart Local)

I haven’t been to a carnival in so long… Just looking at the photo makes me excited!

I’ve already scheduled a trip to D’Ultimate XCape with a friend and we’ve even planned the first ride we’re going to take: The Viking Ship. The feeling of the drop as the ship swings back and forth is just so exhilarating and thrilling! Personally, I think their carnival games are exactly what you need to destress after finals and prep yourself for the next sem.

Furthermore, there’ll be art installations (your IG will love photos from here) and experiential workshops including baking and pottery at D’Ultimate XCape.

With so many activities to engage in, D’Ultimate XCape is exactly what you need to destress after finals period and prep yourself for the next sem! Surely an event you’d want to escape to!

Find out where to buy game credits, how to book workshops and more about the event here!


Winter break is the time to chill, unwind and get recharged for the new sem ahead! If you’ve got in mind any other interesting places to visit or fun activities to do, be sure to tell me about them in the comments below!

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