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Design Stock Resources

Whether you are a (suffering) CNM student taking design-based modules, writing reports that need diagrams, or even giving presentations with swanky slides – editing and creating graphics is something you can never run away from. There’s so much to consider: what icons you want in your slides, what fonts you want to pair with your images, what photos you want to include for your report… But wait – where are you going to get all these stock resources?

No fear, CNM types is here! Enjoy this compiled list of websites for you to get appropriate stock resources for each and every one of your design needs.

#1 One-Stop Shop for Creating

Starting out and feeling overwhelmed by all that you need to do? Here’s a great resource book for all your creating needs:

The Makers list out everything a content creator might need, from fonts to design to even prototyping. Under each category, the site provides potential software and websites you may use to create whatever asset you need. It’s a great all-in-one site, especially for beginners, so go ahead and add it to your bookmarks!

#2 Vector Graphics

Vectors (not the one we want we did impossible math sums) are quintessential. Want to add icon to your slide? Vectors. Want to add a nice background to your chart? Vectors. Need to design some assets and want to edit from existing graphics? Vectors.

Vector graphics can add an extra zing to your submission. However, figuring out where to get them legally is often a headache. Here are two of my favourite sites.

As the site proclaims, there are graphic resources for everyone! Photos, PSD, vectors, icons… The list goes on. Simply type in the search bar what you are looking for, and if you want specific resources, toggle under All resources to narrow your search. Download the resource to get them in the highest quality with editable properties, and remember to attribute the source for submissions that are externally housed.

Just want icons and not anything else? Flaticon houses a comprehensive base of icons for every need, and even packages icons in packs so easy searching. It works fairly similarly to freepik – except exclusively for icons.

#3 Images

Sometimes, be it for that human touch or to suit the formal tone of your report, you want to use real life photographs instead of graphics. While freepik houses images for your perusal, here’s another site for high-quality, free to use images:

Easy to navigate with amazing photographs ready to use, what more can you ask for?

#4 Fonts

While most software like your Microsoft Office, Adobe, Google Suite and more comes with preloaded fonts, sometimes you want a special font to match your content. Or you got bored with your pre-existing fonts and want to find something fresh and exciting. Either way, I got your back – here are some sites you can usually download fonts from.

Dafont is one of the most popular sites to get fonts from, and you can easily navigate for the kind of font you want. Note of warning though – a fair number of these fonts are made by non-professionals, and these typefaces do not come with punctuation or cover every key in your keyboard. But if you’re simply looking for fonts to zing up your headers and decorate your graphics, you’re good to go!

Like dafont, Font Squirrel offers free fonts. The only difference is that these fonts are free to use even for commercial purposes.

Simple to use, easy to navigate, and covering fonts of even different languages – what a gem!

Okay, this one here isn’t a website where you can download fonts – rather, it is a site where it will identify fonts for you. We all had moments where we saw this really nice font somewhere, and want to use it for ourselves. With this site, all you need to do is upload a photo with the font you want to identify, and the site will do it for you!

That’s all we have for today! Hopefully, this will help you answer some of the wheres you have in mind when thinking of designing or beautifying your assignments. If you are in search for other resources not included here, or if you know some resource sites, feel free to drop a comment below 😊 Happy downloading!

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