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Clubbing in Singapore: What to prepare, and where to go?

After more than two years, the clubs in Singapore finally got to open their doors! Even if you are new to the clubbing scene, I am sure you have heard of the different clubs scattered all around Singapore. For many of us, it is exciting to plan a fun night out — especially if we have never been there pre-Covid. But before you even step foot into a club, here are some tips for you to prepare yourself for an enjoyable night!

1. Have your dinner

Personally, I do not eat much before drinking because I get too bloated. However, it remains a fact that you should fill your stomach with food before drinking to prevent you from getting drunk too quickly. After all, research has shown that eating before you drink helps to slow down the rate that alcohol is absorbed into your bloodstream. And given that you will be spending the night clubbing, the last thing you want is to black out before you dance to your heart’s content. For specific food items you can consider eating, do check out this link:

2. Arrange a pre-drinks session

PS: Three out of five of the people here are current CNMTypes members :~)

In case nobody told you, the drinks in clubs are EXPENSIVE. For the sake of your wallets, I highly recommend pre-drinking before heading in. Besides, a pre-drinks session allows you and your friends to have audible conversations. Trust me, once you enter the club, there’s no way that you would be able to hear anything unless the other person shouts directly into your ear.

HOWEVER, please do not drink so much that you get incredibly drunk even before entering. The bouncers are all really strict on this — you would not even be granted access if you cannot walk straight!

3. Bring tissues along

This is pretty self-explanatory, tissues are a necessity. It is always good to be prepared for any emergencies: running out of toilet paper, needing to clean up after you (or your friend) 🤮, or even just to wipe off your sweat and tears. It is better to be safe than sorry (speaking from experience…)!

4. Staying safe throughout the night

It is especially important to ensure that you remain on high alert when you are spending the night in a place full of intoxicated people. Here are some safety tips to ensure that you will have fun in a safe environment:

  • Do not drink more than you can handle: It is essential to make sure that you are sober enough to know what is going on, and since you have already spent money entering the club, you might as well make sure you can enjoy the full experience. Drink at a good pace and do not feel pressurised to drink too much! You know your body best, so be sure to manage your alcohol intake throughout the night.

  • Stay with your friends: Do not wander off alone, and also take note of your friends’ whereabouts (especially if they are not sober anymore). It’s fun to dance with your friends in a circle so do not worry, I am not asking you to babysit anyone. If anything, it’ll be good memories forged with your friends! That being said, there is no shame in the game, and I commend you if you are there on your own! However, do make sure to take note of your surroundings at all times and keep a look out for any potential threats for your own safety.

5. Find a comfortable outfit

Last but not least, plan your outfit wisely. Do wear shoes that you will be comfortable in, because you would be up on your feet the whole night — unless you got a table! However, tables are significantly more costly (ranging from $60 to over $100 per pax) than getting a ticket (which is generally capped at $50). If you are a broke university student who is still looking to party over the weekend (as I am), chances are you would avoid splurging on a table. Moreover, wearing comfortable shoes means it will be easier for you to show off those dance moves!

Apart from following the dress codes that each club has, I recommend wearing something more cooling because you can get sweaty from all that dancing. Do not be afraid to be bold in your outfits, feel free to dress to impress!

Now that you’re all set for the night, let us deep dive into the characteristics of clubs that I have been to!

Yang Club

Pardon the Android quality… Just enjoy the Boomerang!

Located at the heart of Clarke Quay, Yang Club is a personal favourite (or maybe I am just biased because it was the first club I had ever been to, and also the only club I got to visit before Covid). As Yang only sells their tickets at the entrance, it would be good to head down earlier or just be in the vicinity to avoid the disappointment of tickets running out. Apart from the familiarity of the tracks that the DJs play, I like that it is sufficiently spacious even though the place itself is not the biggest. This makes it easy to find your friends, without having to bump shoulders with strangers everywhere you go. Furthermore, I enjoy the convenience of its location, and most importantly, I cannot resist a free entry!

✅ Good location: a wide variety of bars for you to pre-drink at. Alternatively, you can just bring your alcohol and sit along the bridges!

✅ Ladies enter for free on Wednesdays

✅ Can go to HaiDiLao for supper after clubbing

❌ Relatively smaller compared to other clubs

Address: 3A River Valley Road, #01-02 Clarke Quay, Singapore 179020

Opening hours: Wed-Thurs 10pm to 3am, Fri-Sat 10pm to 4am

Tel: 97260307


Featuring San Holo! He left at 2.30am that night though :~(

Marquee is found near the Central Business District area in The Shoppes, and walking to the club honestly makes me feel super atas (posh). Best known for its slide and ferris wheel, Marquee provides a more unique experience than its competitors. Besides that, there are multiple Instagram-worthy spots for you to take pictures with your friends!

Here is how the ferris wheel looks like! Credits:

One of the photo spots!

✅ Located near Promenade MRT and also within walking distance from the CBD area, easy to access

✅ Unique elements — the slide is super fun, but the ferris wheel can get a little boring over time

✅ One of the bigger clubs

❌ Way too crowded (based on my experience), we could barely dance because of how packed it was

❌ On the pricier side, although it is usually because of the guest DJs that they have

Address: 2 Bayfront Avenue B1-67, Galleria Level, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore 018972

Opening hours: Fri-Sat, 10pm to 6am

Tel: 66888660

Tickets for Marquee can be bought at

Cherry Discotheque

The prominent red lighting and checkered floors of Cherry Discotheque has flooded our Instagram stories at some point or another. One of the first clubs to reopen post-Covid, Cherry is a popular option for many. Funnily enough, one of my most distinct memories of Cherry was not the clubbing itself, but competing with my friends on the retro arcade machines. Like Marquee, Cherry also has several photo spots, where LED lights are displayed on the walls.

✅ Arcade machines are quite fun (especially when your friends are not sober)

✅ 7-11 located nearby: A convenience store means that you can easily stock up on water, food, and other essentials that you might need

❌ Less accessible: A short walk from Telok Ayer MRT, but it’s usually difficult to get a Grab from there

Address: 133 Cecil Street, Singapore 069535

Opening hours: Wed-Thurs 10pm to 3am, Fri 8pm to 3am, Sat 8pm to 4am

Tel: 98265055

Unfortunately, I have yet to visit ZOUK and Drip, so my personal inputs for clubs will come to an end here. However, ZOUK remains the OG club — just ask anyone. Having been around for over three decades, they are best known for the events that they hold such as the upcoming ZoukOut which will take place in early December.

Drip, in contrast, is the newest addition to the industry. That does not stop it from rising to fame, in fact, it is becoming a hot favourite for many people. Maybe I will do an update in the future after going to these two clubs for research purposes…? 🤔

I hope that this has encouraged you to visit some of the clubs when you have the time! That being said, do remember to drink responsibly and stay safe :D

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