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Chapter #1

Paging all CNM students! Welcome to CNM Types — our very own CNM blog.

Change can be daunting. Being thrown from a place of familiarity and a sense of comfort to a strange campus in the middle of Kent Ridge with a roller coaster of a shuttle bus system and a seemingly infinite number of AS-es, can be overwhelming and nerve-racking. We understand, because we have been in your shoes. But fret not, we are here to help you!

From module reviews and internship experiences, to film recommendations or the latest food stalls to try at The Deck, we envision CNM Types to be a support system for many a dazed and confused CNM student, filled with any content they might need or enjoy.

But in order to make this community a vibrant and thriving one, we need your help! We welcome any and all submissions from across the entirety of the CNM department — faculty, teaching staff, students (major or minor). Please feel free to send in your contributions to this blog!

Ideas for possible entries could include:


  • Module Reviews

  • New Module Introductions

  • CNM Internship Experiences

  • CNM Internship Tips

  • Student-Exchange Program Experiences

  • Student Hacks

  • Study Locations


  • Music, Film and TV Show Reviews/Recommendations

  • Food Haunts on Campus

  • Campus Fashion Reports/Advice

  • Student Events on Campus

  • Opinion Pieces

  • Anything else you might think of!

Scroll down to view our detailed submissions process. We can't wait to hear from you!


Submissions Process

To submit an entry for the CNM Types blog, simply drop us an email at!

  1. Please use your official NUS email for all correspondence.

  2. Please include your full name, year of study (if applicable), and position in the department e.g. John Appleseed, Y1, CNM Major

  3. Include a copy of your blog submission as an attachment in the email. We accept attachments in a variety of file formats (.pdf, .docx, .pages, etc.) Please append all relevant media (videos, photos, links) you would like included in your blog entry within the document itself.

And that’s it! After submission, you’ll immediately receive a confirmation email, verifying that we have received your submission.

Following a short period of review, we’ll get back to you regarding the status of your submission!

That’s it from us for now.

Thank you and happy typing!

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