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Beef up your writing!

Sorry to foodies, this has nothing to do with food :")

In order to produce a remarkable piece of writing, there are many things you will need to take note of. You have to make sure you have no grammar mistake, no run on sentence, no spelling error, no incoherence, no ...

HELP! If I have to be honest, you lost me at grammar :''')

But okay! We gotta solve this. Things ain't that bad actually, we have so many tools out there to save us!!!

So if you are like me, who needs that extra help to check on your writings, here's some tools I have to save us from screaming internally:")

I am pretty sure everyone is quite familiar with Grammarly (not sure if it appeared on your Youtube ad as much as it did on mine😆). You can choose to add to your Chrome and you can enjoy the free help when you are writing on platforms like Gmail, Google docs, Facebook and many more! What a deal!

The free version helps you with spelling, grammar and punctuation. The premium version helps with formality, conciseness and many more. So do check them out:)

ProWriting Aid helps beyond just grammar checking. It also has the ability to be your writing style editor that gives style suggestions to make your writing better:) In fact, I really like how there is the in-app learning feature that let me review some grammar knowledge, while correcting my mistake. (I really needed this to wake my grammar rules up before they ditch me...)

Similarly, it can be installed and use on various platforms. So check them out to see if that's a pal you need!

Do you struggle to think of that perfect word for your writing? Like you brain is saying: I know that word, I know that word! But all that follows is silence...

Don't fear! Here's a place where you can get help:) Simply describe a concept and get back a list of words and phrases related to that concept. You can type in related words, phrases or a sentence.

Have you ever got tired of leaving your docs and going to Google to search for synonyms cause you have been using the same old word for so many times? Yes for me! Sometimes, my train of thoughts just got broken and it's me screaming internally again>.<

No worries, Twinword Writer is a place where you can directly click on the words while writing to see what other better word is available. (Just an advice, please save your work when needed!)

If you are like CNMtypes community, who loves to write regularly. I am sure you face the problem of mental block (no idea what to write and screaming internally again). No worries, I gotcha back;)

Here's a generator where you can type in words and it will give you some title suggestions.

That's all folks! Hope these tools can help you love writing and that's the best thank you gift I get from you:) Happy writing!

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